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Trezor Model T

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Trezor Model T. The safe place for your coins.

What is Trezor Model T?

The Trezor Model T is the next-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet, designed to be your universal vault for all of your digital assets. Store and encrypt your coins, passwords and other digital keys with confidence.

Invented for your digital independence.

Securing your digital assets has never been more straightforward, be it cryptocurrencies, passwords, or other digital keys. With TREZOR, you own your data. It is not a token. It is your wallet, it is your keychain, it is your digital safe.

You own your data. TREZOR keeps your keys safe.

Your digital keys are the access keys to your coins and other data. TREZOR stores these keys for you, and allows you to use them safely. Your keys never leave the device, as the device is completely isolated.

Always know what you are doing. 

Designed for your confidence and ease-of-mind, TREZOR allows you to be certain even during complex operations. The Model T features a touchscreen, giving you an intuitive and convenient interface to verify and approve all operations.

Easily backup of your entire wallet, once and for all.

To make backups easier, we helped to create the standard recovery seeds (BIP32/39/44), meaning you can simply recover your entire wallet by using the 12-word recovery seed if you lose your device.

Store your passwords safely.

Passwords are individually locked with the TREZOR Password Manager, using your digital keys. Secrets are released one by one, and only after your physical confirmation on your TREZOR.

Reinforce your accounts with U2F.The Model T can also serve as your U2F hardware token. In comparison to standard tokens, TREZOR fully utilizes its screen to inform you about the authentication request before you approve it. It is also backed up with your seed.

5-star customer support.

Experts ready to help you at all times. Our dedicated Support Team is reinforced every year, with our specialists working day and night to answer your inquiries.

Transparent security.

Audited by security researchers, verified by its track record. We do not have anything to hide from you; we follow the open-source ethos.

The supported coins are listed below. Please note that Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens are also supported through MyEtherWallet.

 Bitcoin (BTC)


Litecoin (LTC)





Zcash (ZEC)



Bitcoin Cash / Bcash (BCH)



 Bitcoin Gold (BTG)



 Ethereum (ETH)



Ethereum Classic (ETC)


ERC20 Tokens (see list)



Expanse (EXP)






NEM Nano Wallet